Thursday, 5 February 2009

Here is a very rubbish picture of my dress:

In real life I am not bright orange, honest. Also the dress is less unflattering (though really I should wear a belt with it...) particularly as I was actually wearing it with a cardi over the top, but DD made me take off the cardi to show the dress properly. She also made me do a superhero pose (by day I am bad-tempered cripple Anwen, but by night I am... FASHION QUEEN!!! Apparently.) but you aren't seeing that.

I'm pretty pleased with the dress, it's comfy and warm but still fairly smart. I mentioned to my line manager (when I went for a meeting to discuss timescale for going back to work after being off sick for months) that I'd made it and she was rather impressed *grin*

Next thing I want to make is McCall's 5466 (view C) in the navy wool crepe I bought on Tuesday - I was thinking of a simple sheath dress at first, but I suspect it might veer too close to boring/frumpy... The McCall's dress is different enough to be interesting, and the pleated neckline seems reasonably current - I am not much of a trendspotter, but I went 'snoop shopping' (nowhere particularly fancy - I'd be scared to try things on in case I somehow ripped them) today and saw a few dresses with a similar neckline. I tried one on and it looked nice, but it had princess seams which looked a bit odd with the pleats, so I had to squint and try not to see the superfluous seaming...

I'm also planning to make a beige/camel Burda 8407 after trying on a similar skirt and finding it ridiculously flattering and glamorous, particularly when worn with a slightly darker caramelly beige top. It also looked really nice with a dark teal ribbed short sleeve jumper with a short turtleneck.

I absolutely have to make some sort of skirt that fits properly ASAP, because I really didn't want to have to put my brown cords trousers back on in the changing room, they are strangely baggy around the tummy and have to be kept up with a belt, except I only have a pretty but cheap plasticky feeling one. I haven't lost a vast amount of weight or anything, just enough to make these trousers look horrible. I have a petrol blue cord skirt which still looks mostly OK but also needs the belt to hoik it up.


Claudine said...

I'd love to go fabric shopping some time. Can I email you?

Anwen said...

Of course!